Thanks to Max, we received an invite to try out Aviary. It’s a suite of web-based applications for “people who create.” When I say a suite of applications, I mean it.  In all, they offer (well, eventually they’ll offer) 18 different applications that each have their own purpose and function. “From image editing to typography to music to 3D to video, we have a tool for artists of all genres” their site reads. At this point they only have the Phoenix application available which is their take on a web-based image editor, so we decided to put it to the test.

aviary 2

Phoenix allows you to start from scratch and create an image or load an existing file to edit as you please. By starting from scratch, you get to decide the width and height you want the image to be and you can also select a background color. Phoenix is no Photoshop, but they do have quite a few great features which include:

  • Create Layers (this is a must for most image editors)
  • View history (as you would in other photo editing programs)
  • Filters (like blur, emboss, etc)
  • Transform option to distort, transform, rotate, and flip an image
  • and much more…

My first impression was that it looked like a nice and clean desktop application. They really did a great job with the design and interface. The menus they offer are exactly what you’d expect from any desktop application which makes it natural to use. While most online image editors are enough to satisfy only the basic users, Phoenix has enough features to satisfy semi-pro users.


Now, as we mentioned, Phoenix is only one of 18 different applications that make-up Aviary. At this time, the others aren’t available, but they have listed all of them and what they will do. Here what we’ll see in the future (all apps are named after birds to go along with their “Aviary” theme):

  • Toucan -color swatches and palettes creator
  • Peacock – computer algorithm-based pattern generator
  • Raven – vector editor
  • Hummingbird – 3D Modeler and skinner
  • Myna – audio editor
  • Roc – music generator
  • Starling – video editor
  • Owl – desktop publishing layout editor
  • Penguin – word processing software geared towards creative writers
  • Pigeon – painting simulator
  • Tern – terrain generator
  • Horus – font editor
  • Woodpecker – smart image resizer using seam carving
  • Rookery – a free unlimited distributed file system network that anyone can connect to and store data in.  It also powers their file search engine
  • Hawk – digital content marketplace
  • Crane – custom image product creator
  • Eagle – a smart online application that can identify complex data about an image based on the pixel patterns

One of the first things I noticed when I signed in to the service is that it has a social side to it if you want. You can save your favorite artists and share your images.

Five Invites to Give Away!

The team over at Aviary has a lot of work ahead of them, but it could potentially be amazing once they’re done.  At this time, it is available on an invite-only basis. We have five invites to give away so be one of the first five people to comment and you’ll receive an invite! Just be sure to include your email address in the proper field when you leave your comment otherwise we will not be able to get an invite sent to you.

Thanks for the tip and invite Max!