Faviconize Faviconize is one of those Firefox extensions that you would have never thought about needing but once you have it you’ll fall in love with Firefox all over again. Well, maybe it isn’t quite that good but I have put this to good use several times already.

The concept is really simple. Essentially the text in the tabs is “collapsible” which means you can save a lot of room on your Tab Bar for those sites that can easily be identified by their favicon. It can be used for any tab but I only use it for the ones that I am familiar with such as Google and CyberNet (of course :) ). I had done it with Gmail but I forgot that it shows when you have a new message in the text so I didn’t want to do that.

To hide the text you just right-click on any tab and select “FaviconizeTab.” The text will then be hidden but you can re-enable it by right-clicking again and clicking on the same option. It is also configurable so that when you double-click, Alt-click, etc… on a tab it will automatically enable/disable the feature.

These space-saving Firefox extensions are always my favorite. They are typically small in size (in more ways that one) but do great things. Just like the one yesterday that I wrote about called Search Bar Autosizer…and now I don’t think I would use Firefox without it. Faviconize is quite as useful but it is pretty close.

Thanks for the tip Chris!