Azureus 3 just announced today that their client, formerly code-named Zudeo, will be called Vuze. In addition to the name change the press release also says that the service is getting more content:

The service enables a robust community to browse and discover premium content from both worldwide media companies and high-quality self-published content. Vuze now offers dramatically enhanced features and premium content from around the world, including the U.S. premiere of the hit BBC television series Sorted, which will be offered in HD. Azureus also announced that it has entered into an agreement with Showtime Networks for distribution of its original programming, including award-winning hit shows Weeds, Dexter and The L Word.

I haven’t used the service since it was first introduced because it just wasn’t compelling enough for me. Not only that, but as Slyck File Sharing points out Vuze is not DRM-free:

And yes, Azureus’ Zudeo/Vuze outlet contains its fair share of DRM – much like the BEN. Material that Starz Media sells is wrapped within a DRM environment, as is BBC content. The difference between BitTorrent, Inc. and Azureus however, is Ashwin Navin and Bram Cohen has been aggressively vocal against DRM, while Azureus has been noticeably quiet.

As of right now the most popular videos on the site are mostly movie trailers, such as Spiderman 3 and Transformers, in which almost all are provided in HD quality. It definitely isn’t for people on dial-up though, because the 2 minute Spiderman 3 trailer is a whopping 99MB in size!

There seems to be a lot of competition in the video arena these days, which makes me wonder whether Vuze will be a success? If it is then it will probably be because of the Azureus name that stands behind it.