I was just getting my daily dose of GigOM when I saw this article regarding Azureus 3 (which is apparently called Zudeo now). The new version will be sporting some unique features for a BitTorrent client with the most obvious being video sharing. I wasn’t very fond of the initial idea of this being a video sharing client because there are already plenty of sites that do it for free. Besides for that they won’t have an embedded video player (to put on your website or blog) ready until next quarter.

So why would anyone use this? Ahh…because much like YouTube this will actually allow for the streaming of videos except they will be high-quality instead of being compressed! I haven’t downloaded this client yet but current Azureus users should be forewarned that the interface is quite different from the currently released version. In fact, GigaOM says that you have to click on the “Advanced” tab in order to get back to the normal Torrent interface that most people will be looking for.

I used to be a die-hard Azureus user until I found µTorrent and noticed how much less memory it ate up. I imagine that Azureus 3, with the new video sharing, will be an even worse memory hog. Not only that but the interface of µTorrent so simple and it offers all of the detailed information that I like to know about my downloads. You can even download a version of µTorrent that doesn’t have to be installed (referred to as the “standalone”) which is my favorite feature.

Download Azureus 3 Beta (also known as Zudeo)