Over the last five years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of data we store online. We post pictures to Flickr, bookmark sites on Delicious, keep documents in Google Docs and tweet with Twitter. But unlike with offline data, backing up your online belongings requires a different approach. Luckily, Backupify has come to the rescue.

Backupify is an online cloud backup service. It currently supports the following sites, with more be added soon:

  • Flickr (photo sharing)
  • Twitter (microblogging)
  • Delicious (bookmarks sharing)
  • Zoho (office suite)
  • Google Docs (office suite)
  • WordPress (blogging)
  • Basecamp (project management)
  • Gmail (e-mail)
  • Facebook (social network)
  • FriendFeed (social network aggregation)
  • Blogger (blogging)
  • Hotmail (e-mail)

To have Backupify create a daily or weekly backup of these services, you have to provide your username and password to the site. For some services such as Flickr, Backupify uses safer ways to get access to your stuff so that you don’t have to supply your password. If you have multiple accounts with one service, you can enter all of them.

Once you’ve set up your services, the backups will start appearing under the Archives tab after they are made. That brings us to the bad news: Backupify can’t restore your data automatically yet. Still, this is better than having no data at all.

backupify archive.jpg

Backupify is completely free forever if you sign up before January 31st 2010, so get an account while you can!

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