Tweet to evernote

I recently read about an incredible service called ifttt (If This Then That). It does something I never thought I would see happen… it integrate dozens of social sites together through the use of customizable actions. An example action can be seen in the screenshot above, and it would take any tweets I favorite and throw them into my Evernote account. You can even have it, for example, send you a Google Talk message if a new item posts to a certain feed.

What kind of services does this support? There are quite a few as you can see in this list:

If this then that

The problem is that you can do so much with this that it is hard to get an idea of what this is even capable of. That is why they came up with a “recipe” section to the site showcasing the things users have come up with. Here are some more examples:

  • Send an SMS if it’s supposed to rain/snow tomorrow [recipe]
  • Every time you’re tagged in a Facebook photo it is sent to your Dropbox [recipe]
  • Upload your Instragram photos to Flickr [recipe]
  • If a specific person sends you an email it will call your phone and read the message [recipe]

Those just give you a taste of what’s possible, and I’m sure you can get even more creative.

If This Then That Homepage
[via How to Geek]