Backup Your Data With Mozy And Receive 2GB FreeOne of the most tedious yet worthwhile tasks that you can do is backup your data. You never know when that sudden crash is going to happen which is why I just showed you earlier today how you could use a batch file to backup certain folders. It isn’t really that hard to do but not everyone has multiple computers around the house that they can use.

Sure you could pay for solutions like Xdrive but why bother when you can use Mozy for free! They give you 2GB of storage and a simple-to-use backup utility that you run on your computer. The application will let you completely customize what kind of files are backed up so that you can prevent unwanted data from reaching their servers. Once your files are are stored on their site Mozy takes the liberty of encrypting your data so that you can sleep easy at night.

They also have a nice referral system setup so that every 4 people that you invite and get to sign-up you will receive 1GB in space. You can either provide them with a hyperlink (this is my referral hyperlink) or you can just use a referral code that they can enter in (my referral code is 2YYJFF). Don’t let me hold you back from using me as a referral :) . I just started using the service today but it seems nice so far. I guess we’ll see how it holds up for the long haul!

News Source: Yahoo