Backup To Email

We are always looking for a good way to store files in a remote location but we also want something simple to use. Ever since GMail emerged there have been ways available to use your email storage quota, which is currently at 2.7GB+, to store your files. The most popular way is probably this GMail Drive which integrates itself right into Windows Explorer.

Backup To Email is different than other programs because it will let you right click on a file or folder and upload it to your email account. Don’t worry if your files are larger than the 10MB file attachment limitation because it will split the file up for you.

Here are some more of the features that Backup To Email has:

  • While right clicking a file and choosing “Backup To EMail” the file will be sent to the email account
  • While right clicking a folder and choosing “Backup To EMail” the folder will be zipped and sent to the email account 
  • No limit on file / folder size, files/folders larger than 10MB are being split to slices of 10MB
  • If connection is disconnected at the middle of file transfer then resending the file, auto retry every 2 minutes, 100 auto retries

I would say that this program is coming along quite nicely and it has a lot of potential. It is nice that you can upload entire folders because it gets compressed but it should do that for normal files as well. Another thing that would be cool (and should probably be easy to configure) is to allow for multiple email accounts. That way I could create separate GMail accounts based upon what kind of files I am uploading (school, work, freeware, etc…) and easily select the location that I want the file uploaded to.

I know that everyone says Google is working on file storage that will be “unlimited” but their competition is beating them to the punch. It is fine if they can’t go unlimited right away and maybe they should initially take the user’s file storage space quota from their GMail account. That’s just my thought but I think they need to get moving on this.

Note: There is a small text advertisement that is displayed in Backup To Email while uploading the file to your email account.

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Thanks for the tip Radu!