Remove Empty Directories

Do you have empty directories cluttering up your computer? The truth of the matter is that you probably don’t realize how many empty folders actually reside on your PC. Before using the free Remove Empty Directories program I had no idea that I had 219 folders that were not being used.

The program does require that you install it, but the whole thing is rather simple to use. You can designate a hard drive, or a folder on you computer to perform the scan on. Any of the folders that will be deleted will then be highlighted in red.

Here are some of the features:

  • Integrates into Windows Explorer
  • Can ignore system folders
  • Specify files to ignore when scanning. This is a nice feature so that it will still mark folders for deletion even if they include things like "desktop.ini" or "Thumbs.db".
  • Specify folders to skip, that way the program won’t delete some of your important directories even if they are empty.

Remove Empty Directories Homepage (Windows only)
Source: Inspect My Gadget