A lot of people have been anxiously waiting to see what kind of electronics deals stores were going to offer this year, and one of the most sought-after ads has finally been posted to the Internet. That’s right, the Best Buy Black Friday 2008 ad is available (click here to compare it with Best Buy’s Black Friday ad from 2007).

So what kind of electronics deals can you come to expect from Black Friday 2008? Normally there are some good prices on laptops, TV’s, GPS’s, and a lot more to really attract people to the stores. Ashley and myself have gone after these kind of deals for years now. One year it was a laptop, another year it was a monitor, and last year it was a GPS. We’ve always found something that has been a great deal, and have come out successful each time. For some quirky reason we just like the shopping experience on Black Friday.

I don’t feel the same excitement looking at the BestBuy ad this year. As you’ll see below, the doorbuster deals aren’t that enticing, and I don’t really see anything that would cause people to wait countless hours outside when you can already get most of these prices from online stores. The only things that really caught my attention were the Samsung Blu-ray player for $200 and the Western Digital 1TB external hard drive for $150. They do have a Toshiba laptop for $380 with decent specs (AMD X2 dual-core, 3GB memory, and 160GB hard drive), but in the past these computers have normally been under $300.

Take a look at the ad for yourself below. You can make it fullscreen by clicking the little icon in the upper-right corner.

If you do decide to shop online this year don’t forget to see if you can save some money by using Microsoft’s Live Cashback program. I’ve used it with eBay before and have gotten around 30% off of my purchase. It will take a few months before you’ll get the money back, but it can definitely pay off.

We’ll keep an eye out for some other great deals in the Black Friday 2008 ads. The ones for Target and Walmart haven’t been posted yet, but I wouldn’t expect to see any unbelievable deals from them.