bestbuy gift card If you were one of the unlucky ones to purchase a HD DVD player, you may not be completely out of luck. As most of you know by now, Toshiba has discontinued HD DVD and so while the players and movies still work just great, there won’t be anymore movies released in the format ever again. Best Buy has decided that they want to try and appease those customers who bought the players at any of their stores by offering them a $50 dollar gift card to spend on anything they’d like. This might help reduce the number of angry calls and visits they receive from customers who bought the players when they realize (if they haven’t already) that HD DVD has been discontinued.

While it’s a nice gesture from Best Buy, many HD DVD owners who haven’t racked up a huge collection of movies would probably rather just return the players and get all of their money back, even though the players make great up-converters. The next best thing aside from getting all of your money back would be to trade the players in at Best Buys’s official trade-in site found at A trade-in estimate for a Toshiba HD-A20 in good condition that includes the power cord and instruction manual without any movies is $45.00 which is better than nothing. If you include movies, the trade-in estimate goes up.

Best Buy officials say that over 200,000 customers purchased the hardware from their stores and each one will receive the $50 card which will never expire, assuming they made the purchase before February 23rd. To those that used their Best Buy Rewards card, bought extended warranties, or purchased the player online, they’ll automatically receive the gift card in the mail. Everybody else will have to bring in proof of purchase to the store or call 1-888-BEST-BUY and then they too will get a card.

As a side note, Circuit City announced about two weeks ago that they would accept the returns of HD DVD players if they were bought within 90 days of the announcement. They may feel pressure to offer something more to all those that bought more than 90 days ago now that Best Buy is generously offering all customers a $50 gift card.