best buy If you were to take your computer to a repair shop and they ended up losing it, what would you say is fair compensation? I’d say at least the amount it cost to purchase the laptop in the first place, and then maybe a little extra to cover the hassle and time it took to get it replaced would be fair. One woman, Raelyn Campbell has a completely different idea of what fair compensation should be – $54 million.

Campbell purchased a laptop from Best Buy and bought the extended warranty. A year later, the power button broke off and so she took advantage of the extended warranty and brought the computer in for repairs.  She was told it would be ready in two to six weeks but six weeks came and it wasn’t done yet.  To make a long story short, Best Buy lost the computer and offered her a $900 gift card to compensate even though the computer cost $1100.  Campbell thought about her personal data on the machine and said that the info stored on the computer could lead to an identify theft issue.  Not only that, she said she lost thousands of dollars worth of music and thousands of photos that can’t be replaced.

While Best Buy should have offered her more than $900 given that the computer cost $1100, it seems ridiculous that Campbell is taking Best Buy to court and suing them for $54 million. Her biggest issue was regarding the personal data on the machine and the threat of identify theft. As a consumer, it was her responsibility to make sure she had taken sensitive information off of the computer before sending it in. And when she says she lost thousands of dollars worth of music and photos, it’s hard to feel bad when it was again, her responsibility as a consumer to make sure she had back-ups of those files. She could have easily lost those photos and the music if her hard drive failed.

Of course, this is all just my opinion. So what do you think? Is she right for suing Best Buy? If so, is she right to sue them for $54 million or is that dollar amount a little exaggerated? It wouldn’t be surprising in the least if she got before a judge and he just laughed at her, especially knowing Best Buy is offering her over $4,000 to settle out of court.

Source: MSNBC