chromey calculator.png

I’m definitely a big fan of using Google Chrome, and last week I came across what has quickly become my favorite extension. The one I’m talking about is called Chromey Calculator, and with an average 5-star rating from 800+ reviews you know this has got to be good.

As you can see from the screenshot above Chromey Calculator puts some heavy-hitting computational power just one click away in your browser. With it you can do calculations, conversions, equation solving, basic calculus, and much more. What I love, however, is that this doesn’t just rely on one source. Instead this taps both Google Calculator and WolframAlpha for answers to anything you ask.

As you can see above there are quite a few unique queries it is capable of handling, but that is only part of what it can do. Here are some tips from the developer for those of you wanting to maximize the usefulness of the extension:

  • Use up/down arrow keys to access input history.
  • Click on any result to insert it into the input area.
  • Ctrl+Click on any result to copy to clipboard.
  • Click the little arrow at the upper right to pop out to new window.
  • Last result can be accessed using the “@” variable.
  • Create your own user variables — @abc_123 = 42
  • Store an unevaluated expression — @x := 10 meters
  • Hover over the the space to the left of a result to reveal a “G” or “W” link. Click the link to see the original source of a result.

Personally I’ve always wanted an extension that was capable of something like this, and now that I have it I’d find it hard to switch to any other browser without this functionality. I’ll admit that it took a little bit for me to remember that I had this sitting there just one click away, but after a few days I found myself turning to this for all my calculation needs. Sometimes I even pop this out into its own window when I am using it a lot, which is nice because you can then Alt+Tab to this.

Chromey Calculator Homepage