We’ve got a section over in our forum completely dedicated to our blog, and from time to time people will drop off some tips for things they would like to see us write about. Max posted a few days ago saying that he would like to see us write more about Greasemonkey scripts, and I thought it was a great idea. So keep an eye out for more posts in the “Best Greasemonkey Scripts” series.

The script that we are going to highlight today is called Element Resizer. With it you can resize things like text boxes so that you have more room to work with. I’m sure you have all seen extensions and scripts that offer a feature similar to this, heck even Safari and Netscape both have it built-in. So why is Element Resizer special? For one the interface is way better. When you hover over a corner on a text box it highlights the hotspots in red. Oh, and the keyboard shortcuts. Yeah, you won’t find an element resizer with keyboard shortcuts like this one.

Element Resizer 

Imagine this, you’re writing a comment and you’re coming to the end of the text box. You don’t want it to scroll, so with a script like this you would naturally grab your mouse and head for the corners. Why bother? Just hold down the Control key and hit the Up on your keyboard a few times. The text box will expand without you even needing to grab your mouse!

And there is a reason it’s generically called an element resizer, and not just a textbox resizer. That’s because it works on more than just text boxes. Try resizing an embedded frame (a.k.a. iframe) in Safari or Netscape. Yeah, I don’t think it will work out too well for ya, but this script can do it! ;)

Note: This script does not work in Opera.

Get Element Resizer