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This Greasemonkey script is really going to make some people very happy! Google Account Multi-Login is a simple idea, yet a huge time saver for anyone that has multiple Google/Gmail accounts. As you know switching between Google accounts is normally a painstaking process, requiring you to logout of one before you can login to another. That’s naturally how you would expect it to work.

What this script does is replace the “Sign Out” link located in the upper-right corner of the Google services with a drop-down menu. From that menu you can select one of your alternate Google accounts, and it will immediately logout and login to the other without any other user intervention.

To add your accounts to the drop-down menu just select the “Add Account” option. It will then prompt for your username and password to be stored in Firefox. Don’t worry, all of this information is stored within your browser by Greasemonkey, and you can view the source code for the script if your skeptical. It’s only 55 lines of code, and there are no references to sites outside of the domain. However, your passwords are stored in plain text within in Firefox.

This only works with the new version of Gmail, and you’ll need to be running Firefox because it stores the user information with Greasemonkey.

Get the Google Account Multi-Login Script

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  1. The Gmail Manager extension for Firefox might not be as simple code-wise, but it allows you to choose which account to be logged into just as easily – by right-clicking on an icon in the status bar. It includes popup notifications of new mail (including snippets, even) and an unread count. You can also set it to open Gmail when you click on a mailto: link within Firefox, either using a default account or asking you which account to use each time.


  2. Real nice!

    This is definitely an issue that I deal with everyday…Hopefully someday Google itself will make the process just as easy.

  3. It doesn’t want to work for me. I can add the other gmail accounts, but when I click on them, gmail says its LOADING … but it comes back with the original account.

  4. Same problem as anonymous….I can add an account, but it reloads my original account after a refresh….?

  5. For the two of you who it’s not working for, are you using the new Gmail 2? I just noticed that the script says it only works with the new version of Gmail. I tried it out on all of my accounts, and I had absolutely no troubles in Firefox 2.

  6. Jason and who-is-that, I have had some compatibility issue with some other script. As Ryan suggested if you are using new Gmail, try disabling other Greasemonkey scripts and reload this page. That might work too.

  7. I’m who-is-that. I wasn’t signed in b4 – sorry.

    I’m using the Newer Version of Gmail. I assume that’s Gmail 2?

    Still doesn’t work for me today. It actually signs me into the other user account (as evidenced by iGoogle which I usually have up) and leaves it there. Does the same even if iGoogle not loaded.

  8. Why don’t you guys try CookieSwap Extension. It works across all sites!


  9. Thilak wrote:
    Why don’t you guys try CookieSwap Extension. It works across all sites!


    Looks like an awesome extension…will have to check into that.

  10. Darn… be careful. I had four accounts, and within a day, my main account Google bookmarks were all deleted!

  11. todd wrote:
    Darn… be careful. I had four accounts, and within a day, my main account Google bookmarks were all deleted!

    I wonder how this script had anything to do with that?

  12. I take it back. Sorry about the false alarm.

  13. I love this feature.

    I wish there is similar feature for ebay login. So that i can switch b/w my accounts.

  14. I can add account but when I click on them nothing happens, I get the same account as before.

    I dont use it for gmail so much, as other tools, google docs.

    I have a mac, i read somewhere that it only wokr on PC, cold that be correct?

    I have the Cookie swap as well, but this seems much better. If it works.

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