Gmail Ad Remove

When reading emails in Gmail there are typically some ads and other things located alongside the email for quick access. There are plenty of scripts and tools available to remove those ads, but many don’t make use of the unusually large empty space that despairingly sits there.

The Gmail Sidebar Remover script for Greasemonkey is the perfect solution. Once enabled it will completely remove the sidebar, and the relevant buttons will be placed along the left-hand side of the screen. Don’t worry, these buttons do not show up when you’re viewing your Inbox.

One thing that would really be cool is if this script also grabbed other information that is displayed near the ads, such as package tracking or address mapping. This information only shows up when specific information is detected in emails, and it would be handy to still have it available.

Gmail Sidebar Remover will only work in Firefox with Greasemonkey installed, and is compatible with both the new and old versions of Gmail (and also Google Apps). An alternate script is the Gmail Full Width, but I prefer how Gmail Sidebar Remover moves the buttons to the left sidebar occupying very little extra space.