Google Reader Feed Subscribers

I know that a lot of our readers are stat freaks, and if you’re one of those people you’re absolutely going to love the Greasemonkey script that we have for you today!  What the Google Reader Subscribers Count script does is show the number of feed subscribers that each website has. The numbers show up in a very small bar in the bottom-right corner of the browser for every site that has feeds available.

We have multiple RSS feeds for our site, and as you can see above when that happens it separates the stats for each one by a plus sign. The first one listed in the example is our main feed, and then the others are for individual categories on the site. What makes this even better is that each number is hyperlinked to the respective feed so that they can quickly be added to your Google Reader subscriptions.

The first thing that probably came to your mind is all of the requests this is going to make to the sites you frequently visit. Don’t worry, the developer has already thought about that problem and figured out the best way around it. The script will cache the subscriber count for 24 hours before retrieving fresh data, which also eases the slightly extra burden on your bandwidth.

Google Reader Subscribers Count (requires Greasemonkey)