Google Search Greasemonkey
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Google lovers who are looking to give the Google Search page a fresh new appearance are sure to enjoy the Google Search Makeover Greasemonkey script! It gives the results page a completely revamped look that is easy on the eyes, and also a bit more productive.

As seen in the screenshot above the script organizes the results into two columns, numbers them, grabs each website’s icon, and much more. You’ll also notice that there are no page numbers at the bottom of the results screen. That’s because there is a semi-transparent box in the upper-right corner that takes care of that. Since it is always located in the same spot it makes it much easier to keep going to the next page of the results. Of course you can pick and choose which of those features to enable assuming that you’re comfortable changing a few numbers around in the script’s code.

Checkout the long list of features the scripts include:

  • Google Suggest
  • Two column results [Optional]
  • Custom colored Snap Shots Previews [Optional]
  • Result Numbers
  • Custom logo
  • Layout change [Optional]
  • Embeds videos right into the search results. You can easily change the colors of YouTube videos. [Optional]
  • Re-titles the page to easily identify what you are searching for and the page that you are on.
  • Google Search Filter
  • Adds PageRank after each link [Optional]
  • Scans each result with SiteAdvisor
  • Add favicons to all links [Optional]
  • Add a clear button [Optional]
  • Add sidebar menu [Optional]
  • Open links in new tab [Optional]
  • Turns off SafeSearch Automatically

The one bad thing about the script is that you’ll notice some serious lag when the page is formatting itself if you have Google set to show a high number of search results, especially if you have it grabbing icons and PageRank for every result. If you’re going to use this script I recommend setting the number of displayed results to 10 for the sake of performance.

Google Search Makeover Script Homepage
Note: This script only works in Firefox with Greasemonkey installed. It is not compatible with Opera.