Tv show tracker android

A little while ago we wrote about our favorite TV show tracking app for iOS, and we thought it would only be fair to do the same for Android. This time around we are happy to say that the Android app we love the most is free, but there is a version you can pay for if you want to support development. Let me introduce you to SeriesGuide. This is the perfect companion to anyone that wants to track shows that are both on and off the air. If the show is still being aired you can get notified when new episodes come on, but if the series is no longer on TV you can still use the app to track which episodes you’ve watched.

The screenshot above shows off the SeriesGuide widget you can place on any of your Android screens. You can make two different versions of the widget: one for upcoming shows and one for recently aired shows. You can also choose whether or not you want the lists to include episodes you’ve already marked as watched. And did I mention that the widget is resizable so you can make the lists longer or shorter depending on your needs?

Now what about the main app? I’ll admit that I don’t spend a lot of time within the app because once I added all of the shows I regularly watch the widgets are the only companions I really need. You do, however, need to go into the app to mark episodes as watched but that is relatively easy. If you tap on an episode in one of the widgets it will take you directly to that episode’s page within the app where you can then mark it as watched.

This is one the main interface looks like after you open up the app:

Android tv show tracker seriesguide

Nothing too fancy, but it serves its purpose well. If you tap the Activity button you’ll be able to see a list of the recently aired shows and upcoming shows, much like what you’ll see in the widgets (if you use the widgets).

You’ll also find that SeriesGuide will display notifications when your shows are about to air, and this is another area where the Android OS is able to add some perks over iOS apps. How so? Instead of using the app’s icon in the notification they are able to use artwork from the TV show. It’s a minor thing, but looks a lot nicer when you see a notification in the pulldown menu.

If SeriesGuide doesn’t fit your needs there are some alternatives available. The best one that I’ve come across is TV Show Favs, which I’ve also bought a premium license for. The most recent update to this app was pretty huge, and while I love the app I find the widgets in SeriesGuide to be a little nicer. The widgets are where my eyeballs spend most of their time with an app like this so that’s why my recommendation still leans towards SeriesGuide.

I should note that the app does use as its source so the data may not be very good outside of the U.S.

SeriesGuide on the Google Play Store
SeriesGuide Beta on the Google Play Store