Track tv shows schedules ios

I like to keep track of my of when my favorite TV shows are going to be on TV, and I’ve used all kinds of iOS apps to help me do that. The short list of the ones I’ve tried include TV Show Tracker, TV Forecast, and TvShow Time. Most of them are paid, and they each have their own strengths, but none of them felt like they were exactly what I was looking for.

Once I turned to iTV Shows 2 [$2.99 on iTunes] there was no looking back. This universal app looks beautiful on both the iPhone and iPad, and with the built-in iCloud syncing any show you add on one device will immediately appear on your other iOS devices. That also means the notifications for upcoming shows will appear on all your devices so that you know a little before or after they are going to come on. I find it to be a great companion to sites like Hulu since you can have it display a notification up to a day after a show airs, which in some cases is when they appear on the streaming sites. iTV Shows also keeps track of the shows you watch so that you know exactly where you left off.

There is only one thing that I don’t like about this app. If a TV show has multiple upcoming episodes, such as Burn Notice used in the screenshot above, it will only show the next upcoming episode in the list. I want an option to show all upcoming episodes of a show in the list so that I don’t have to click into a TV show to see the other soon-to-air episodes. It’s a minor complaint, and given how much better this is compared to the competition it’s something I’m able to overlook for the time being.

iTV Shows 2 Homepage [iTunes Link – $2.99]