Windows Patch Tuesday Microsoft has a pretty big day tomorrow and it could be even bigger than expected. First off it is Patch Tuesday and they have 11 patches that they plan to distribute that will fix some bugs. Six of those 11 patches are going to be for Windows.

For anyone still using Windows XP SP1 you may want to make the upgrade to SP2 because you can no longer receive any support as of tomorrow. I do know a few people that still haven’t made the switch because they don’t want the Security Center, but I think they may actually change their mind.

Lastly, several sites including SlashDot and the Washington Post are claiming that Microsoft may release Internet Explorer 7 tomorrow. Yesterday we just talked about how the release is planned for sometime this month but Microsoft didn’t give any specific date. Apparently the Washington Post read too far into the post and thought it implied that Microsoft would initiate the Automatic Update for IE7 tomorrow. They have since posted an update retracting the claimed release tomorrow.

Even if Internet Explorer 7 does get released tomorrow it should not be distributed using the Automatic Update System. Microsoft specifically said that the Automatic Updates will be initiated a few weeks after the release. That probably means it will happen on November 14 which is the next Patch Tuesday following tomorrow.

The Internet Explorer Blog just announced that they will be having their last chat session before the IE7 launch on Thursday. I guess that rules out a release date of tomorrow.

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  1. Personally, I don’t think Internet Explorer 7 should be distributed as an Automatic Update anytime in the near future. It’s such a huge change from previous versions that many people who currently use IE6–and places like computer labs that deploy it–would likely experience difficulties transitioning to the browser’s new interface and feature.

  2. I agree and I already know that I will receive phone calls essentially saying “what the hell is this?” I guess it is a good way to help people prepare for changes in Vista though. :) Boy will that one be a nightmare.

  3. will it work with Money 2007? that’s been the biggest embarrassment with IE7 so far – that it doesn’t work with microsoft’s own latest software.

  4. If it doesn’t work with Money 2007 then I am sure that they’ll issue a patch for Money. Make sure you check to make sure that there are no updates that you have missed.

  5. I am still not going to SP2, cain’t get the dang to install correctly if even I wanted to install it.

  6. No support for you then. :)

    It’s about that time to move onto Vista anyways, don’t you think? ;)

  7. I don’t need support from Microsoft, I can figure out most problems myself and I am using 3rd party applications for everything else. Heck someday I hope to be rid of Windows….

    I cain’t do Vista until I add more RAM, another hard drive and for that matter a DVD drive. Not all that interested in Vista anyways, doesn’t offer anything I cain’t live without.

  8. What I find funny is that Kevin Rose on the last episode of Diggnation guessed randomly saying it would come out this Tuesday….even though he said MS contacted him asking him if he wanted to know the release date, and Kevin said he declined because he’d have to sign a NDA (Nondisclosure Agreement). Maybe Kevin was BSing us all along, or maybe he just guessed it flat out, and was right. Funny if it ends up being released tomorrow, seeing as [] gets released to non-paying viewers tomorrow, the supposed day of release for IE7! ;) :lol:

    I’m not a paying member, just got the video from the [] website on Saturday night!

  9. My iPod just updated with that episode today and I’m not a paying member? Anyways I never knew about that DiggDown and I actually never knew that you could pay to get them sooner. I think that is a little ridiculous if you ask me.

    Unless the Internet Explorer blog lied I don’t think we will see this being released tomorrow. They need to get through that last chat session first which is on Thursday. But it would be funny if Kevin leaked, I mean guessed, the release date. ;)

  10. Ryan wrote:
    No support for you then. :)

    It’s about that time to move onto Vista anyways, don’t you think? ;)

    You’d have to be nuts to load Vista the day it’s released. WHo knows what real-world bugs await ;)

  11. Then what’s the name for us who already have it installed…before it is released. :D

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