worlds richest man Back in July, Bill Gates was dethroned as the World’s Richest Man after 13 years of standing king of the hill. His replacement, Carlos Slim, is owner of a Mexican telecommunications company and at the time, had a net worth of $67.8 billion.  Given that Bill Gates lasted on top for quite a while, you’d think that Slim would have had at least a year reigning on top, however he didn’t. The World’s new richest man (for today anyways) is Mukesh Ambani from India.

Ambani is the largest shareholder of a company called Reliance Industries. A recent strong rally in Reliance shares put him standing on top. As of today, the top five richest people include:

  1. Mukesh Ambani – $63.2 billion
  2. Carlos Slim Helu – $62.2993 billion
  3. William Gates – $62.29 billion
  4. Warren Buffett – $55.9 billion
  5. Lakshmi Mittal – $50.9 billion

As CNBC reports, these calculations aren’t 100% correct and there’s bound to be some margin of error. There’s such a small difference between the top three that at this point, the richest man could be changing weekly or even daily with fluctuations in the stock market.

We know that Bill Gates is very charitable with his money, giving billions to charity each year, so what does Mukesh Ambani do with his? At this point it looks like he’s more focused on himself than contributing to charities. Hopefully, once Ambani’s billion dollar home is complete he’ll start thinking about how he can use his money to help others. To put the $1 billion dollar price tag on Ambani’s home into perspective, Bill Gates’ house AND land back in 2005 were valued at a measly (in comparison) $200 million.

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