Bill Gates Action Figures Bill Gates gave his last Keynote address at CES 2008 last night, but there was really only one good part to it. Gates put together a video of what he thought it would be like on his last day of work, and a bunch of celebrities got involved to make it something I probably won’t forget. Since we’ve already shown you the video, we’ll now take a look at some of the things he discussed in the keynote.

Note: If you have over an hour to kill you can watch the keynote in all it’s glory straight from Microsoft.


As expected a lot of stats were thrown around in the hour and 15 minute keynote presentation. Here’s a quick roundup of what was said:

  • 100 million Vista users
  • 420 million users on Windows Live
  • 20 million Windows Mobile users
  • 17.7 million Xbox 360 consoles shipped with 7 titles selling more than 1 million copies
  • 10 million Xbox Live users (happened 6 months sooner than they expected)
  • 1 million Mediaroom (IPTV) users
  • Phones outsell PC’s 4 to 1
  • More Windows Mobile users than iPhone or Blackberry.


There was little excitement in the way of announcements this year, which is disappointing since it is Bill Gates’ last keynote address *sigh #1*. Here are the handful of notable announcements:

  • ABC & Disney are teaming up with Microsoft to bring some of their shows, such as Lost and Desperate Housewives, to Xbox Live. MGM will also be bringing some of their movies to the console.
  • NBC has teamed up with Microsoft to bring live and on-demand 2008 Olympic programming this summer. Over 3600 hours of events will be broadcasted over the Internet.
  • Zunes will be sold outside of the United States starting in the Spring of 2008.


CES with Bill Gates is normally filled with all kinds of demos, but there wasn’t really anything impressive. Well, at least nothing that made me want to stand up and clap. *sigh #2*

  • Bill Gates demonstrated the Microsoft Surface as it would appear in a snowboard shop.
  • A Zune social demonstration revealed how easy it was for music goers to find new tunes.
  • Sync, Microsoft’s voice-activated in-car system, showed off its talent of playing songs with little effort. What was halfway interesting was that the system will automatically call 911 if the airbag is deployed in an accident.

–The Future–

And now for the best part of the show…NOT! Everyone always looks forward to the end of Bill Gates’ keynote address because he typically demos things that seem like lightyears away from making it into any normal household. If you watch the keynote just for this part you’ll want to fast forward to an hour and seven minutes in, but believe me, you’ll be disappointed.

The keynote from last year demonstrated the “bedroom of the future,” and it was quite a site. The only thing that Bill Gates had to show off this year was an image recognition system that could identify faces and buildings. Huh, that’s not really anything new. *sigh #3*


To wrap up the night it looked as though Bill Gates was going to bust a move on Guitar Hero, but instead they just brought out a Guitar Hero champion (her name was Kelly Law-Yone). Then they brought out Slash from Velvet Revolver, and despite having a guitar around his neck Bill Gates never actually played. *sigh #4*

To sum things up the entire keynote was a dud in my opinion. All of it except for the video of Bill Gates’ last day at work. I would still like to say farewell to Bill Gates. CES won’t be the same without you!