Bill Gates with the Top Bloggers Earlier today Bill gates sat down with some of the top bloggers on the Web and Steve Rubel was included in that list. I could only imagine what it would have felt like to meet Bill Gates but I am sure there was a lot of energy in the room. The session lasted just one hour and each of the 14 bloggers were allowed to ask one question. Steve has a nice rundown of the questions on his post but I’ll highlight a few of them here (the answers are not direct quotes):


Q) What did you want to be when you grew up?
A) A lawyer. I admired the work that (my father) did. When I got enthralled with math, I thought I would go into mathematics. Then computers came along. I became confused but eventually, it all became crystal clear in my freshman year. I also thought about being an economist.

Q) Will the $100 laptop be a success and are you behind it? Will it help developing countries?
A) There are people who think PCs solve the world’s problems. PCs have a role to play…you need to pick the right places, it’s easy to be overblown.

Q) What does the OS look like in 3-4 years? Where does consumer Windows fit in?
A) In three to four years it won’t change dramatically, but it will evolve faster. It will be more user centric as you move from machine to machine. It will replicate trivial stuff up to the cloud and back, cross-PC and cross-device.


There was apparently a lot of Mac laptops in the room as well. Bill Gates said that he was happy about it because they sell a lot of software for Macs, which I could see but I’m sure deep down he started to wonder why so many bloggers use Macs. Personally, my primary PC runs Windows and it also dual-boots into OpenSUSE Linux, but lately I have had a craving to tinker with a new Mac and I would probably have one if they weren’t so expensive. If the price on those things come down I’ll surely give it some strong consideration.

Congratulations to the 14 bloggers who were among the select few chosen…maybe one day I’ll get the chance to be in their shoes and meet Bill Gates. ;)