BillgatesIt’s pretty well known now that Bill Gates is the World’s richest man, and at the same time, a Harvard dropout. Now Bill will finally get that Harvard degree he started way back in 1973 (and gave up a fear years later as a Junior).

In June, Gates will be speaking at Harvard University’s commencement ceremony, and because of that, he’ll receive an honorary degree. This is one more thing that Gates can add to his impressive list of accomplishments, although it’s not like he really needs to add anything else to his resume.

While Bill is probably one of the most well-known successful college drop-outs, there are actually several more to add to that list like:

  • Steve Jobs = Dropped out of college after 1 semester.
  • Steve Wozniak = Apple co-founder (he’s since then gone back to finish)
  • Michael Dell = University of Texas dropout
  • Lawrence Ellison = Oracle co-founder
  • Paul Allen = Partner in crime with Bill Gates

Source: Computer World