It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since the announcement that Bill Gates would be giving up his duties at Microsoft to devote time to the Bill and Melinda Foundation which focuses on public health and the reformation of education in the U.S. When the announcement was made, we knew it would be a gradual two-year transition for Gates, so one year later, and one year left to go, how is the transition going?

The New York Times recently wrote an article mentioning that there are actually few visible clues that Gates is moving his focus from Microsoft to his foundation. They pointed out that at the annual financial meeting last week, Gates’ focus was on plans for the next 10 years, not the next 12 months. Clearly, he still has a focus on the future of Microsoft and where they’re headed which makes me wonder if he’ll really be able to completely step back from the company that he built, and has put so much into.

While there aren’t many visible clues, there is a transition taking place. Craig Mundie who is Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer said that all of the structural changes have been made, and “In the last Few Months Bill has transitioned to what I start to think of as special project mode.”

Could this be another indication that Gates is focusing less on Microsoft? According to Business Journal, Gates recently sold 2 million Microsoft shares worth more than $62 Million! Slowly but surely, Gates is actually making his way out.