Microsoft has paid extra attention to security issues with Windows Vista. When Vista was released, every interview with Bill Gates always included a huge focus on discussing all of the great new security features. Trying to avoid another repeat like what happened with Windows XP exploits, they paid extra attention to security this time around. Hopefully it pays off.

With that said, in a recent interview with Bill Gates, a journalist posed this question:”Let’s Imagine a hospital where life support systems are running Vista.  Would you trust it with your life?”

In a nutshell, his response was “absolutely, but…” Here’s his complete response:

Security has been the top priority for Microsoft for quite some time and that’s why I put out a key call for us to focus on that in a very big way over three years ago, and that’s why we’ve made investments like having people from Gecad ( Romanian company ) join on the security action from Microsoft. The answer to your question is that, absolutely, Vista is the most secure operating system we’ve ever done, and if it’s administered properly, absolutely, it can be used to run a hospital or any kind of mission critical thing. But it’s not as simple as saying â€