One of the things that I’ve never liked about the BitTorrent files is that they can be such a pain to download. Often times you need a separate application, such as uTorrent, to download any of the files. I have found that it is something that most people just don’t understand.

BitLet might very well be the thing that breaks the learning curve when it comes to BitTorrent files because they’ve got the easiest downloader that I’ve ever seen, and it works in all browsers. The service uses Java to begin the file transfer process on your computer, and it doesn’t require that you setup port forwarding or configure a ton of settings.

All you have to do is go to and paste in the URL to the torrent file that you want to download. BitLet will instantly pop open a new window, and the process will begin by having you pick the download directory. The BitLet homepage will keep a list of downloads that you have been performing, and any of them can be resumed in case you accidentally close the download window or need to restart your browser.

BitLet BitTorrent Downloader

There are a few downfalls that I see with this. The first being that it uses Java…which is an application that I truly despise. I always have it disabled, and hate running it because it consumes a lot of my system’s resources.

The other problem that I see is that there is no mention of full sharing going on. By that I mean you are downloading the file, but you’re not uploading it to other people. That may seem great because it will save on your bandwidth, but it will probably end up being something that many services block. The downloads might be fast now, but if BitLet starts to get blocked you can count on excruciatingly slow speeds.

Of course BitLet does have something that will tremendously help them…a code generator for torrent links. If you paste the URL of a torrent file into the box, BitLet will spit out some code for you to use on your own site. When a user clicks on the resulting link like this one:
Ubuntu 7.04 Torrent (x86)
the download will start immediately in a new window. This makes the BitTorrent download process extremely painless for anyone.

BitLet Homepage [via TorrentFreak]