If you use BitTorrent search isoHunt.com, you’ve probably noticed that the site is now offline. This happened yesterday, and  according to their website, it says “Lawyers from our primary ISP decided to pull our plug without any advance notice, as of 14:45 PST. No doubt related to our lawsuit brought by the MPAA, but we don’t have more information at this time.” And in the mean time, they were recommending using Google by searching for “Search Terms ext:torrent.”

The Motion Picture Association of America is likely the reason for isoHunt being taken down, they filed a lawsuit against them stating the reason as copyright infringement. They are also not the only ones that the MPAA are after.  It seems that if you’re in the BitTorrent business, you’ll probably need to be running and hiding for your money.

Adding a little humor to their problem, they say that no, moving servers to Sweden or Sealand isn’t going to help.  You’ll probably recall the incident last year when The Pirate Bay was taken down.  The ended up back up, but currently, their hope is to buy a country of their own, Sealand (a man-made British naval platform sitting in the sea off of Southern England) so that they wouldn’t have to worry about being taken down. So far, since January 15th, The Pirate Bay has raised $14,000 in their effort to purchase the rusting platform (sounds suitable for some servers, right?). Their alternative if they can’t get enough funds? Well, purchase another small island somewhere else to claim.

isoHunt has a new ISP, this time in Canada. For now, they say they’re “moving house, if the tubes run smoothly, we expect to be back in full swing tomorrow.” They also say, “BitTorrent was created for distribution of any large media file, and we stand by that ideal as a search engine and aggregator.”

News Source: Ars Technica