Best buy black friday 2012

It’s that time of year again! With Thanksgiving on Thursday in the United States that puts the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, just a few days away. Each year stores compete to offer the best Black Friday deals, but there is a new competition that has been heating up over the last few years as well… and that would be which store can open the earliest. Last year we started to see several stores cracking open their doors at midnight on Friday, but this year it’s getting even crazier. Stores like Walmart are opening at 8PM on Thanksgiving, and Target is opening at 9PM.

Here is a look at what time some of the most popular stores are opening on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday:

Store Thanksgiving Hours Black Friday Hours
Best Buy 12AM
Costco 9AM
Dick’s Sporting Goods 12AM
Home Depot 5AM
JCPenney 6AM
Kohl’s 12AM
Lowe’s 6AM-4PM 12AM
Kmart** 6AM-4PM and 8PM-12AM 12AM-3AM and 5AM-11PM
Meijer 6AM
Office Depot 5AM
Office Max   6AM
RadioShack 6AM
Sam’s Club 7AM
Sears 8PM-12AM 12AM
Staples 5AM
Target 9PM-12AM 12AM-11PM
Toys R Us 8PM-12AM 12AM
Walmart 8PM-12AM 12AM

**Kmart is a bit of an oddball. They open at 6AM on Thanksgiving for their Thanksgiving sale. Then they close down at 4PM and reopen at 8PM for their Black Friday Preview sale which goes until 3AM. Their main Black Friday sale start when they reopen at 5AM on Friday.