There have been previous rumors of black Xbox 360’s that have surfaced, and this time it might actually be true.  The popular gaming magazine, Game Informer is saying that a revamped Xbox 360 is coming soon. Not only will it have a larger 120GB hard drive, it will also have HDMI output and an HDMI cable (people have been wanting this one for a while), and the price will run around $479. I’m not sure how the return of the black will go over with the 360 fan crowd, but regardless, it’s rumored to be out on shelves in April.


Source: Kotaku

Obsessed/addicted to gaming?

Do you consider yourself obsessed or addicted to gaming (or maybe you’re in denial)? Of course you don’t want to admit it, but here’s a way that might help you. Joystiq posted a list of a few ways that will help you determine this. You might be obsessed if:

  • You forgo paying the electric bill in favor of buying a new game or wait four days in line for a shiny new box (questionable priorities)
  • You read a newly purchased game manual while driving home from the store (lapses in judgment)
  • You throw a controller at the TV. In the olden days, you would have also hit reset right before your buddy was about to beat you in Tecmo Bowl (anger issues).


I laughed while reading the list, except then I realized each of those instances came from real gamers who “confessed.” You’d think the electric bill would be first on your list of bills to pay if you’re an addicted gamer, because you can’t do much without electricity!