Microsoft can hardly keep a secret which is why information on a secret black Xbox has been floating around for quite some time. If you’re an Xbox fan then April 29 (in U.S. and Canada) is going to be the date for you to remember. That’s when they will be releasing the coveted Xbox 360 Elite that is complete with a 120GB hard drive, HDMI port, black case, and black controller.

If you want to purchase such a system it will run you $479. Albert Penello, the Director of Global Marketing for the Xbox 360, says that this will be seen as the “future proof” solution for people who are buying the Xbox 360 for the first time. He says that they probably won’t see many people buying a completely new console just for the black finish and 120GB hard drive, but there will definitely be some people who jump all over it.

The 120GB hard drive will also be available as a separate offering for those who want the increased storage capacity. The 120GB hard drive will cost $180 and will include the necessary migration cable and software so that you can move your data over to the new drive.

Here is the interview with Albert Penello on the Xbox 360 Elite:

And here are a bunch of pictures of the Xbox 360 Elite (click to enlarge them):

Xbox 360 Elite Xbox 360 Elite Xbox 360 Elite Xbox 360 Elite Xbox 360 Elite Xbox 360 Elite

Source: Gizmodo, Engadget, and Crunchgear