Mac self control

The other day we showed you how you can try to eliminate background distractions on your Mac by dimming or blurring background windows. Sometimes your distractions may not be background windows though… a lot of the time it will be with websites such as Facebook and Twitter. So that’s where SelfControl (Mac) and SelfRestraint (Windows/Linux) come in.

SelfControl and SelfRestraint are apps that you can create a blacklist of websites with, and they will automatically update your machine’s hosts file to block access to any sites you specify. It will then revert the hosts file back to the original state once the timer expires, and you get to choose the length of time that it is active for. I know people who have used the hosts file hack to manually block sites for themselves before as reminders that they shouldn’t be visiting sites that promote procrastination, but this puts it just a few clicks away.

SelftRestraint Homepage (Windows/Linux; Freeware)
SelfControl Homepage
(Mac only; Freeware)