BlockbusterHD DVD’s and Blu-Ray DVD formats have been battling ever since they entered the market as competitors.  Now Blu-Ray has a huge supporter on their side as Blockbuster has decided that when they increase their selection of high definition DVD’s next month, Blu-Ray will be the chosen format.  This will occur in 1,450 stores and will be another push to determine which format will be the overall market preference.

Up until this point, Blockbuster had both Blu-Ray and HD DVD’s. However, what they found was that those who rented the high definition movies were choosing Blu-Ray over HD-DVD. In fact, the number was as high as 70%. Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Blockbuster when speaking to the Associated Press said, “The consumers are sending us a message. I can’t ignore what I’m seeing.”

Blockbuster isn’t totally ditching the HD DVD format because they will still be available online, but also in the 250 stores that were originally testing the two formats. It will be a limited availability though, which really pushes Blu-Ray ahead in this battle.

Blu-Ray Rot

And while we’re on the topic of Blu-Ray, it appears as though there has been a recent issue with disc rot. Some of the discs are rotting, and others are falling apart. This source gives us indication that this is not the first time that DVD rot has been an issue. They say that “failures are a combination of corrosion – known as “DVD rot” – and delamination, where the layers of the disc separate.”

Gizmodo is reporting that as of now, it looks like only The Prestige is turning up problems. Hopefully this is an isolated incident, and those with faulty DVDs will be able to get replacement discs.  Any problems with your Blu-Ray discs? Let us know in the comments….