Google’s Blogger service has turned into one of the most popular blog publishing systems available. Thousands of people use the service pretty regularly, and over the last several years since Google acquired it, they’ve added some new features which make it even better. Just yesterday Blogger received a bunch of welcomed new features that their users are sure to love. Among the biggest changes:

  • Embedded comment form – this is a biggie which is why we put it first. You know how previously you’d have to click away from the blog post in order to be able to comment? Now people will be able to comment right from your blog’s post pages
    blogger comments.png
  • New post editor – the most useful change with the new editor is drag-and-drop image placement. It’ll be so easy to place the images where you want them. There is also improved HTML handling
  • Rate posts– visitors to your blog will be able to use a 5 star rating system to rate posts
  • Import or export blogs – you can import or export your entire collection of posts thanks to the option to save your posts as one Atom XML file on your computer
  • Webmaster Tools Verification

If we had to pick two that we thought were the best improvements, it would probably be the embedded comment form and the new post editor with the drag-and-drop image placement. Both are features that users have requested for quite some time, and now they are available. To enable the new embedded comments, just go to your settings > comments > and then under “Comment form Placement,” select “embedded below post.”

comment in blogger.png

We do need to point out that you have to be using Blogger in Draft to be able to use the new features. Just go to and log-in there an then check the box at the top that says “Make Blogger in Draft my default dashboard.” Blogger in Draft is where they make the new features available, for people to test when they aren’t quite ready for the masses at Blogger.

Overall the new features are fantastic and should make things quite a bit nicer for the authors and readers of Blogger blogs.