wanted hd winner This is not good news for the HD DVD camp if it turns out to be true.  According to The Digital Bits, Paramount and Universal will be following the footsteps of Warner Brothers and making the big switch to Blu-ray.  That means that HD DVD is seriously wounded in this battle and they’re about to lose big-time to Blu-ray. Whose behind HD DVD you’re wondering? Well, it’s mainly Toshiba and Microsoft and I’m sure they’re not too happy at the moment.

While none of this has been confirmed,  “second to none sources” are saying that this is true and both Universal and Paramount have made the decision to make the switch. Paramount is expected to make their announcement soon while Universal will be waiting until sometime in February after their contract with HD DVD is up to make the announcement. One Engadget commenter summed up what many of you may be thinking, “Looks like Sony is finally going to win sweet revenge after losing out to VHS back in the day.”

To make matters worse,  the L.A. Times is reporting that Paramount’s decision was in fact triggered by Warner’s move. Here’s part of what they say: “Warner Bros.’ decision last week to start making movies exclusively for Blu-ray players, rather than HD DVD, triggered an “out” clause in Paramount Pictures’ contract with the HD DVD camp. An industry source said there was a significant possibility that Paramount would exercise that clause. It plans to decide within a month.”

Over at Digg, there were a few interesting comments as well:

  • SupaDawg says: “I’m no fan of Sony whatsoever, but this is a very good thing.  One of the formats needed to die.  The format war has been a mess for consumers, hardware companies and the studios alike.  Lets get this over with so we can finally progress into the era of HD.”
  • Floejoe says: “At last.  I couldn’t care less who wins the ‘war.’ I just want to buy my favorite shows in high definition.  I’m a bit tired of being an early adopter with a house full of crap that will never be used.”

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