TinyURL Destination

I’ve seen several sites writing about this Greasemonkey script which can be used to reveal the destination address of TinyURL’s. That’s cool and all, but I don’t want another script that has to scan every site that I visit when I only come across a few TinyURL’s each week. Not only that, but the script only works in Firefox.

What I’ve been using is a bookmarklet which only gets executed when I want it to, and it works in all the major browsers. It will detect any TinyURL’s that are on the current page, and link them to the actual destination address. This can be seen in the screenshot above of a Digg article which originally linked to a TinyURL address.

How does it work? A developer created a bookmarklet that uses Dapper to link TinyURL’s to the destination address. All you have to do is right-click on the following address and add it to your bookmarks:

TinyURL Revealer

Anytime you come across a site that uses TinyURL’s just click the bookmarklet to have all of the destination addresses revealed. If you want to give the bookmarklet a whirl here are some example TinyURL’s that you can use it on to see how it works: