Befuddlr One of the games that I’ve always enjoyed doing on the computer are the image puzzles, where you provide an image and it scrambles it all up for you to reorganize. Often times the puzzle only has one blank spot that you can use for sliding around the different puzzle pieces, kind of like this game.

A new site, called Befuddlr, is almost the same thing except you do it with Flickr photos! They have several different galleries of images you can choose from, some of which are particularly challenging. Once you pick an image to work with you’ll want to try and memorize it, and then hit the “Befuddle it!” button. That will scramble the image so that you can begin rearranging the different pieces in the correct order.

It’s a little easier than the sliding puzzles since you’re not restricted to sliding pieces around, but at the same time all of the pieces have to remain in the image making it nearly impossible to try and organize them. If you find yourself in a bind go ahead and click the “View original on Flickr” link located above the image to see what you started with. Once you get all of the pieces in the correct order Befuddlr will let you know, and it will tell you how long it took to complete the puzzle.

Beware: This will quickly consume large amounts of your time without any warning. Play at your own risk!

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