vista bargain There were two big complaints when Windows Vista was launched just a little over a year ago. One was the fact that there were so many versions to choose from which made things confusing, and the other was the price. One of those two complaints has been resolved, partially, with Microsoft announcing that they are dropping the price of boxed copies of Windows Vista. The reason we say partially is because boxed copies are actually a very small percentage of Vista sales (about 10%). Most of them come from the sale of new PCs.

Here are the price changes consumers can expect:

vista price changes

Price cut percentages range from 20 to 48 percent which isn’t all that bad, we’re just wondering why they decided not to lower the price of Home Premium. Is it because it’s the best selling version of Vista? The next question is, will this help push along the sales of Vista? We are doubtful, but Microsoft is hopeful.  Brad Books, a Microsoft Corporate Vice President said, “We anticipate these changes will provide greater opportunities… to sell more stand-alone copies of Windows.”

The changes we outline above are only for copies of Vista in the United States. Elsewhere, prices too will change but it will vary from country to country. In developing countries, Microsoft has decided not to sell upgrade version of vista because many people don’t own XP, or at least a genuine version of XP, to make the upgrade possible.

I guess in a nutshell, we can sum this up by saying Microsoft made price-cuts to Vista, but they likely won’t do you much good.

Thanks for the tip Omar! Source: Reuters