Offering 1 GB Of Free Online Storage is a free service that gives you 1 GB of free online storage with no adds! I’m sure we could all think of lots of things to do with 1GB of free storage! You can save important files to be accessed from any computer, share photos and files that are too big for email, and synchronize and back up folders. 5 GB and 15 GB are both offered for $5.00 and $10.00 respectively. has a very simple interface that is easy to use. It is great for the the common person who simply needs some storage! You are able to upload multiple files at a time, and a SSL connection can be used to secure transfers of data. There are a few limitations on the account such as: no public sharing(although you can share with other users), 10mb file size limit, and no phone support (24/7 online support is available as well as phone support). This seems like a simple solution if you’re running out of room or want to ensure your important files are backed up. And best of all, it’s free…. why not!