BroadbandinternetA recent research study indicates that broadband Internet usage in homes is up to 53% in the United States. In all, 72% of Internet connections in the US are broadband compared to 60% last year. Slowly but surely, dial-up is making it’s way out the door.

The study also indicated that the decision to have a broadband connection largely depends on household incomes.  For example, only 39% of households with an income under $50,000 get broadband Internet. This is compared to the 68% of households that have a broadband connection with an income over $50,000.

I think broadband Internet is one of those things that once you have it, you don’t know how you managed without, and you know for sure you could never go back. While broadband is more expensive than dial-up , it’s worth every penny.

Leichtman Research Group also forecasts that the number of people using broadband Internet will increase dramatically, by over 40 million within the next five years! I think we can start to say our farewells to dial-up. Once it’s gone, it won’t be coming back, assuming broadband services are able to meet the needs of all households including those with a lower annual income.

Source: GigaOm