BuyipodMaybe you jumped on the bandwagon and purchased an iPod, only to find that you didn’t use it a few months later?  Maybe you’ve dropped your iPod just as many times as your cell phone, but your iPod didn’t survive?  Whatever your reason is, there’s a site that doesn’t mind whether it’s broken, or ya just don’t want it anymore.  They’ll give you cash for your iPod!

The site is, and all you have to do is enter in all of the information regarding the iPod, whether it’s a Nano, Video, 3rd generation, etc. Then enter in the condition, and whether or not you have the USB cable, charger, or box. From there you’ll get your quote on how much they’ll pay you for your iPod. You ship it to them via 1st class USPS mail, and upon delivery you’ll get your payment.

So for example, I’ve got a 4th generation 20GB iPod in 100% working order, it’s in OK condition, and it includes the USB cord and the charger.  I’d get $48 bucks back, and if it wasn’t working at all and I didn’t know why, I’d still get $18 back! If you have some idea what’s wrong with it, the value will probably go up. For example, if it had a cracked screen the value would go up to $21. Not bad if your iPod is sitting there broken, or collecting dust.

If you’re planning on purchasing another iPod, another alternative is the Apple Recycling Program that they offer at US Retail stores.  Whether it’s working or not, you can drop off your iPod and receive a 10 percent discount towards the purchase of a new iPod. Not a bad deal.

Submit your iPod at