If you’ve ever wanted to do something on a computer without leaving a trace you’ll definitely want to check out the free and portable DemocraKeyX. It is the epitome of anonymity, and includes a variety of tools that you can carry with you to do everything from surfing the web to editing documents in a secure and private way.

What is bundled with DemocraKeyX? Here’s a list of the five various apps along with a description as to how each will help in protecting your anonymity:

  • Tor Browser (powered by Firefox) – For anonymous web browsing without using an insecure anonymous proxy
  • Clamwin Portable – To check the host computer for viruses, and to clean before surfing anonymously
  • Thunderbird Portable – Send anonymous email or encrypted email with Enigmail and GnuPGP
  • TrueCrypt – Create hidden volumes and encrypt your files so they are unreadable
  • Abiword – View and Edit Documents from your secured directories

After you’ve downloaded DemocraKeyX you can throw it on your USB drive so that you can safely accomplish any of these tasks regardless of what machine you’re on. Plus if you put DemocraKeyX at the root of the drive it will automatically start whenever you throw the USB key in a computer. Pretty nice.

UPDATE: Bad timing on this one guys – they started charging for this software right as our post went live. You can still download the freeware version here.

DemocraKeyX Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)