Need a way to waste some time today? Checkout Fichey. It just launched and it serves as a way for you to browse through sites that are currently popular. You can also browse through sites that were popular previously by selecting a date on their calendar. You’ll be served pages from sites like, Digg, Downfly, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

FicheyIt’s flash based and definitely looks “nice,” but I don’t see it as a site I’d regularly go back to because it’s pretty limited. For example, I selected that I wanted to view popular sites from StumbleUpon yesterday and there were only four pages to browse through. Given all of the different categories on StumbleUpon, I’d think they could provide more than just four.

Where I do see this being beneficial is for Digg fans who just like to quickly browse through some of the popular content for the day. There were 42 different pages that I could flip through quickly. What’s also nice is that you can interact with the page that you’re viewing by double clicking on it, or you can drag the page around with a click, or use your scroll wheel. I found that dragging the page with my mouse, much like what you’d do with a PDF, was quick and easy.


If you read the list of included sites and saw Downfly and said huh? What is that? Here’s an explanation: Fichey was created by Bill Chasen who happens to own Downfly as well. Make sense now? So essentially, Fichey is a shameless way for him to promote Downfly.

Source: TechCrunch