Over in the CyberNet Forum, Richard pointed out a post from Download Squad that explained how you could surf the web on a Windows XP Computer by accessing a help file in a Windows application like the calculator. This would be useful for times when you’re in a public place and the administrator disabled the web browser so that you couldn’t surf the web.  The only problem is that the trick (which I’ll explain below) only works if you’re on a computer running Windows XP. I figured there had to be a way to do the same thing in Vista and sure enough, there is!

First, here’s how it will work in XP.   Open a Windows application like the calculator then click Help > Help Topics.  From there you’ll right-click on the title bar (next to the minimize or maximize buttons) and then click “Jump to URL.” From there you can enter in any address that you please!

Next, here’s how it would work in Windows Vista.

  • Open the Run Command (windows key + r)
    Vista Help Run
  • Type the following: %systemroot%\Help\
  • Doing the above will take you to the Help Folder in the Windows Directory
  • You’ll be looking for a .chm file and once you find it, double click it
    Vista Help CHM
  • Right click in the task bar or the title bar and then click “jump to URL”
    Vista Help Jump to URL
  • From there you can enter in any address!
    Vista Help Enter URL

Whether you’re using Windows XP or Windows Vista, you’ll have a solution for those times when you’re on a public computer and you need to browse the Internet but the browser has been disabled.  Cool, huh?