The last time we did a report on the operating system and browser stats was back in January 2009. In January Chrome was starting to take off as it passed 1% market share, and both Windows and Internet Explorer suffered some big blows as their competition scooped up some of their precious users.

According to Net Applications both Internet Explorer and Windows continues on a downward fall as users apparently seek out alternatives. Linux in particular has shot above the 1% mark as the platform scoops up the largest change since January when it comes to OS usage.

Here’s a graphical breakdown of the browser and OS stats for April 2009:

april 2009 stats.png

–Web Browsers–

Firefox continues to dominate the chart in terms of gaining the most market share, and Internet Explorer eats the biggest loss. Chrome is actually gaining traction rather quickly though, and may prove to be a solid competitor in the browser arena.

January 2009 April 2009 Change
Internet Explorer 67.55% 66.10% -1.45%
Firefox 21.53% 22.48% +0.95%
Safari 8.29% 8.21% -0.08%
Chrome 1.12% 1.42% +0.30%
Netscape 0.57% 0.82% +0.25%
Opera 0.70% 0.68% -0.02%
Mozilla 0.07% 0.10% +0.03%
Opera Mini 0.06% 0.07% +0.01%
Playstation 0.04% 0.05% +0.01%

–Operating Systems–

While Windows still has a majority of the Operating System market it is obvious that users are seeking out other options.

January 2009 April 2009 Change
Windows 88.26% 87.90% -0.36%
Mac 9.93% 9.73% -0.20%
Linux 0.83% 1.02% +0.19%
iPhone 0.48% 0.55% +0.07%

I can only imagine where both the browser and OS stats might be towards the end of the year, and whether Microsoft can start sustaining their market share in both areas with the release of Windows 7. Only time will tell though.