It’s been a few months since we last wrote about the browser and operating system stats, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been on our minds. In fact the market has changed a little bit since our last report in July 2008. Google released their own browser, Apple released new MacBook computers, and beta versions of the next generation browsers have had a few updates. So how has all of this affected the stats?

According to Net Applications the stats haven’t changed all that much over the last few months, but these things don’t happen overnight. Firefox continues to move on up inching closer to 20% of the browser market share while Google Chrome is struggling to capture a mere 1% of the market. Here’s a quick overview before we break it down further:

october browser os stats.png

–Web Browsers–

Google Chrome sparked a lot of excitement when it was first released, and with over 500 votes already in our poll it looks like only 10% of you have chosen to make it your primary browser. That’s actually not a bad percentage, but when taking into account the less tech-savvy crowd Chrome isn’t even trumping Opera in terms of market share:

September 2008 October 2008 Change
Internet Explorer 71.52% 71.27% -0.25%
Firefox 19.46% 19.97% +0.51%
Safari 6.65% 6.57% -0.08%
Opera 0.69% 0.75% +0.06%
Chrome 0.78% 0.74% -0.04%
Netscape 0.63% 0.45% -0.18%
Mozilla 0.09% 0.09% 0.00%
Opera Mini 0.05% 0.06% +0.01%
Playstation 0.03% 0.03% 0.00%

–Operating Systems–

There might be a lot of people refusing to upgrade to Vista, but that’s not stopping some of you. Vista’s market share continues to steadily grow as it becomes one of the few operating systems to squeak out a positive change from September to October.

September 2008 October 2008 Change
Windows XP 68.67% 68.11% -0.56%
Windows Vista 18.33% 19.29% +0.96%
Mac – Intel 5.80% 5.94% +0.14%
Mac OS 2.43% 2.27% -0.16%
Windows 2000 1.89% 1.72% -0.17%
Windows NT 0.80% 0.78% -0.02%
Linux 0.91% 0.71% -0.20%
iPhone 0.32% 0.33% +0.01%
Windows 98 0.34% 0.31% -0.03%
Windows ME 0.19% 0.18% -0.01%

Did you also notice how the iPhone is now beating Windows 98? That means more people are using the iPhone to surf the Internet than PC’s running Windows 98. Crazy!