Earlier this month the Acid3 test was released to give browsers the push they need to stay on top of the constantly evolving web standards. Almost all of the mainstream browsers now support the Acid2 test, and so it only makes sense that a new one would be released to give developers something to shoot for.

As we’ve seen all of the browsers out there need some work before they hit the perfect 100/100 score on the Acid3 test. The good news is that some developers are already stepping forward with new releases that are improving upon their initial score. Safari nightly builds are currently hitting a whopping 93/100 which is something that they deserve a round of applause for. Firefox 3 nightly builds have also seen a small increase from 67/100 to 71/100.

Opera has also released a new weekly build of Opera 9.5 with nearly a dozen Acid3-specific improvements that help give it a much better score on the test. Previously they received a 65/100, but now they are up to 77/100! Out of all the Windows browsers available this puts them in second place only behind Safari.

I did read that there were some minor changes made to the Acid3 test which may result in browsers getting a slightly better score, but it’s obvious that work is being done to pass the test. I do have to give Opera credit for already taking the initiative of making their browser compliant, and it will be interesting to see which browser passes the test first.

[via Opera Watch]