There’s no need for a white-board or paper the next time you need to organize your thoughts and make a diagram.  Instead, try, a mind-mapping product powered by flash that makes great use of Web 2.0 technology. This is for anyone who needs help organizing, or planning and sorting out your ideas. By visiting, you can easily, and quickly get started in the planning process.

It uses linked text bubbles and color coordination to create an easy to read diagram.  The process begins with a parent bubble.  By hitting tab, it will create another bubble the same color, and the same level of hierarchy.  By hitting enter, it will create a new level of hierarchy with different colored bubbles (child).  Each of the bubbles are connected with lines.  You’re able to click to drag each of the bubbles and arrange them how’d you like it.

They’ve added a little bit of fun with the deleting process.  By pressing the x in the corner of a bubble, you’ll delete the bubble.  Instead of simply deleting the bubble, a counter will begin counting from three, right on down to zero.  The line that connects each bubble looks like a lit fuse, and when it reaches zero, the bubble blows up into a cloud of fire. Fun. places the navigation to the right.  Your list of current projects will be there, and easy to access.  You’ll also find the save function, along with the print function.  Certainly there are more complex mind-mapping products out there, but this is free, and it’s easy to use for your basic needs.

One thing that would be nice to see implemented in the future would be a collaboration feature.  If you were using this for work or school purposes, it would be great to be able to collaborate with group or team members. Overall I think is a great Web 2.0 mind-mapping product that gets the job done.