Bulk create folders

Last week I needed to create hundreds of empty folders for a project I was working on, and I was trying to figure out the best way to create the folders in bulk. I thought I was going to have to write my own script to do it, but as it turns out a member of the DonationCoder forum posted an awesome app he whipped up called Text 2 Folders.

This free app has you create a text file with the folder structure you want, and you just put one folder per line. It also has no problems creating nested folders using the format shown in the screenshot above. After running that script I had the following folders created:

  • C:\CyberNetNews\Test
  • C:\CyberNetNews\Test\Ryan1
  • C:\CyberNetNews\Test\Ryan2
  • C:\CyberNetNews\Cool

Using this system I was able to create a few hundred folders in just a few seconds. What a time saver! A big thanks to “skwire” for making this!

Text 2 Folders Download (Windows only; Freeware)